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“This book makes no claims about being able to change your life - but I think there's every chance it'll do so!”

Peter Koenig, Author of '30 Lies about Money'

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Do you ever ask yourself
how to become the hero of your own story?
Then this might be the book for you.

Do you ever ...
  • feel as if you are running in circles, repeating the same mistakes over and over again?
  • get hijacked by your emotions?
  • not like who you are or not like who other people are?
  • feel weighed down by experiences in your or your family’s past?
Would you like ...
  • more self-awareness and a deeper understanding of how your brain creates your experience as reality?
  • a compass for your transformation and personal growth?
  • to discover and embrace the gifts hidden in your personality - even those you're ashamed of?
  • to experience the well-being inside of you no matter the experiences you face?
Nadjeschda takes you through a journey of self-disovery that leads towards deeper self-acceptance.
In 10 chapters and with many hand-drawn illustrations, “Conscious You: Become the Hero of Your Own Story?” will make you think, laugh, understand and feel hopeful about who you are.

What others say about the book

“I find Nadjeschda's book refreshingly unpretentious. She doesn't pretend or promise any quick fixes or solutions, happiness, wealth, peace of mind, loss of weight or a perfect partner. Yet with the intelligence, gentleness and fastidiousness with which she's distilled her favourite processes, the generosity and simplicity with which she shares them, there's every chance you'll be so lucky! Her texts exhibit a deep understanding of perennial wisdom, expressed in the simplest of modern terms.”


— Peter Koenig, Author of "30 Lies about Money"

“Nadjeschda masterfully uses a combination of well-grounded psychological and scientific research, personal stories, tools and self-reflection exercises to guide the reader in a journey of self discovery and transformation. A journey that challenges one's deeply held beliefs and enables the shift of old and unproductive patterns. A journey that is most necessary for coping with life's complexity and shaping one's future more consciously. “Conscious You: Become the Hero of Your Own Story” is a must read when you get stuck but also when you yearn to live a more creative life."


— Giovanna D'Alessio, CEO of Asterys and author of 'Personal Mastery. The path to Transformative Leadership'

“ 'Conscious You: Become the Hero of Your Own Story' is a treasure chest if you are looking to create a better life for yourself. In this book you have an opportunity to dive in with Nadjeschda Taranczewski – a world-class coach, who creates lasting, deep impact with her clients. Nadjeschda is a highly sought after coach for a reason - now you have a way to experience her impact for yourself. Nadjeschda explains the psychological frameworks behind her coaching, she shares research findings in simple terms and she makes this all very accessible by sharing some very personal stories of her own journey and her clients, too. I laughed, I learned and I was moved to tears, as I read. The combination of her deep understanding of the principles behind personal transformation, her willingness to be vulnerable and her charming illustrations make this an extraordinary book.”


— Rich Litvin, Author of “The Prosperous Coach"

“Reading Nadjeschda’s book is somewhat like having a fire-side conversation with an old friend. In it, I found space for personal reflexion and recollection, time for self-assessment, intimacy, discovery, clarity... To have this type of conversation with Nadjeschda is particularly enriching as throughout these pages, she openly shares her own history, past and present, joys and sorrows, and synthesis of a life-long personal and professional quest. Not only does Nadja offer an intimate space to revisit personal history and motivations, but she does it with a very high degree of theoretical exigency. This book offers a very intelligent and practical review of a number of essentially useful psychological approaches through the prism of personal history, a number of professional case studies, clearly presented theoretical grids and tools and many other illustrative annecdotes and stories.”


— Alain Cardon, Author of "Masterful Systemic Coaching"

A thing or two about Nadja.

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After studying art for a short time, Nadjeschda Taranczewski completed a master’s degree in Psychology in order to make room for her second big passion: the understanding, supporting and development of people.

Next to her work as executive and team coach, she works with a small number of exclusive personal clients, whom she helps to create the life they love by learning to love the life they have.

She is also a speaker and author and illustrated her forthcoming book herself.
Nadja lives in Berlin, Germany with her wife.

Read more of Nadja's articles on LinkedIn or Medium.
See more of her illustrations on Instagram and Pinterest.

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